Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stonehedge Outdoor Shooting | 石城鼓团外拍

为了宣传鼓团,我们特地拉队到峇株巴辖的minyak beku海边拍照。拍照的当儿,不少人都投以好奇的眼光,但是基于团员们都有不错的演出经验了,那些眼光可没把他们弄得尴尬至不敢摆姿势。一些友族同胞还问我们是否会在那里来一场表演,但是由于这是公众场合,也没经过什么特别批准,在安全的考虑下,我们连一点鼓声都没制造。废话不多说了,来欣赏我们的照片吧~!


For A&P purpose, our team specially traveled to the minyak beku seaside to take some photos. While we were doing shooting there, people around were quite curious about us, however, their curiosity didn't make your teammates feel awkward to present poses for shooting, as they've already very experienced in performing for all these years. Some Malays even asked if we were going to have a performance there, well, due to the seaside is a public area, without certain permission, we didn't even make any sounds from the drum. Okay, let's stop here and see the pictures we've taken.

Thanks to everyone's to make this out door shooting possibly carried out.

开心收工~! | Let's call it a day~!

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