Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year~!

又有个几百年没画东西了,这几天假期,就画了这两张,一个是street fighter里的ryu,一个是x-men里的gambit,都是蛮出名的角色。ryu,就不用说了,应该都是大家小时候模仿的电玩角色,哈哈,升龙拳,旋风腿。那个gambit可能有些人不懂,因为他在动画里好像只是小咔,他将会出现在新的x-men origin,Wolverine的电影里,期待这电影,故事是关于wolverine的生世~!因为这个角色在卡通里就好像西方的孙悟空,拿着一根铁棍,然后又像新加坡的“双天至尊”连续剧里的言飞,会飞扑克牌,但是gambit的扑克牌是用来攻击敌人的,所以觉得很有型。

For a long time I didn't do any drawing, so for this few holidays, I did some. First piece is the Ryu from Street Fighter and following is the Gambit from Xmen. I am sure that they are quite popular character that grow along with us since our childhood. Don't tell me you never try to imitate Ryu release his ShoRyuKen or the Hurricane Kick, haha. And Gambit, he is just a side kick in xmen's cartoon, but he is cool, the metal stick he's carrying making him looks like the mighty Monkey King, and also he can flies some poker to attack the enemy.

p.s. I am not Otaku | 我不是宅男


Bea said...

gambit's metal stick is called a bo staff...and he's appearing in 'X-men origins: Wolverine' movie!!! yay~

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

haha, thanks for the information, you can check out the wolverine's movie trailer at youtube, cool~!!!! I saw a black with sunshade in the trailer, i think he is blade.