Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peneng through fisheye | 鱼眼看槟城

刚吃饱饭,就坐回电脑前面,这样子不肥才怪,但肥也要肥到值得,所以继续分享槟城之旅。 同事婚礼的第二天,我们一行人到槟城走走了,才会吉隆坡。一大早七点多,我和开文先起床了,于是跑去沙滩拍风景。过后,我们这一房的自己去外面找吃,哈哈,驾着车经过了一家看起来不错的咖啡店,就在那里吃了不是很满意的早餐。而另外两对情侣,老板和老板娘,还有迪克与阿香(不是牛仔),则睡迟而暂时跟我们分道扬镳。

Just had my dinner and i got my butt back on the lovely chair, it's unlikely i won't get fat. So to make my fatness more worthy, here i continue sharing you guys the penang trip. The following day of the wedding dinner, we traveled around penang before heading back to pj. Early in the seven, me and hoimun woke up, went to the beach and took some scenery photos. After that, everyone in our room were awake, so we decided to go out and hunt for breakfast. We just happened to pass by a restaurant by the roadside, IT looked not bad so we had our out-of-expectation breakfast there. On the other hand, the two couples in the lover room woke up late, so we traveled seperately.

小浪死在沙滩上 | wave died on the beach

晒着日光浴的贝壳们 | the shells are having sun bath

一步一脚印 | 1 step 1 print

那就是我们住的酒店瓜 | that should be the hotel we stayed

我们就是在这间咖啡厅吃早餐的 | this was where we had our breakfast

咖啡厅就和海边隔一条马路 | it was just by the beach

我还点了不好吃的超馃条 | and i ordered a unsatisfied fried kuey teow

永浩:先生,我看你印堂发黑必有凶兆~......结果从槟城回来后,进良病了三天。 Yong Hao : Mr, your face doesn't look good to me....hmmm...


After the breakfast we went back hotel to check up and went to meet boss and dick couples. We met at the Chew's Bridge, it is actually a jetty, and by the jetty live a group of chinese by the first name of CHEW, that's why it is called the chew's bridge. The houses above the seas were built in wood and cement, though they looks tough and steady. The paths in between houses are very narrow, more or less around 2 meters, and the roofs of the two side were almost touching each other.

周桥前有座庙,庙前有两只石狮子,这是其中一只 | a stone lion in front of the temple in front of the chew's bridge

周桥 | the chinese word "chew's bridge"

木板走道 | the narrow wooden path

周桥。摩多。人家 | Chew's bridge. Motorcycle . House

在屋檐下 | Under the roofs

三板船 | the sampans

永浩压力大 | Yong Hao, Don't~!

迪克与阿香 | Dick and xiang

总是不知道自己在镜头内的进良 | Jin Liang who always don't know that he was in the frame

屋檐下 | Under the Roof

又是三板船 | Sampans again

开文 | hoi mun

顶着大太阳的路灯柱 | The lamp post under hot sun

这是馆主~! | and that's me, who owns here~!

下回将分享槟城百年古庙~! I'll be sharing photos for hundred-years-old guan yin temple in the next post.


Tham Hoi Mun said...

Nicee..more more!! Hey, we should prolly go shoot more pictures of a city with your fisheye'll be good reference for the Soccer Project..(if we're still workin on that XD)

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

then should go singapore to shoot