Wednesday, December 10, 2008

penang streets | 槟城的街道


After the chew's bridge, we went to the historical guanyin temple in penang, according to dick, the temple has been around for 500 years. She looks really old but of course you can see that maintenance has been carried out since. Along the street by the temples there are lots of shops and stalls selling josstick and other material for praying. Taking photos in front of the temple, there was smokes and pigeons flying around. Well, I am a free thinker and have no religious mind so far, so i didn't any prayer, just taking photos.

庙旁的小巷 | the small path by the temple

别怀疑,这就是忘了把镜头盖拔下拍出来的 | Haha, I forgot to remove my lens cover

槟城古庙 | the historical temple of penang

这是我不得不批评的东西,放生~!如果没有放生的动作,就没有需求,没有需求,就不会有商家去捕捉小鸟给人们放生,没有捕捉就等于是放生了。可别以为买了那些小鸟,他买完了那些小鸟,那些小鸟就自由了,搞不好它们还被抓回来卖,又或者没法适应自然的生活。所以阿,希望大家别鼓舞类似的放生行为,我们只要爱护动物,爱护自然,买个1公升的鲜奶用手拿就好了,别要求塑料袋,这些就是在做好事了,不必刻意花钱去放生。只要这样的行为不被鼓舞,没有放生的需求,商家就不会去伤害动物了。 | This is something that i need to critic on, in chinese's religion, let go of the captive are called fang sheng, it is an act of kindness. However, in the current society, this is meaningless. Look at the picture, birds are captured to be sold to people to free them, people who bought the birds actually created a demand for the people who see it as a lucrative chance to capture birds to sell. Let's say, if we don't encourage this action, there will be no animals would be harmed or being captured to be sold, it is also a way of kindness. Treat the environment good, love the nature, save more plastic are all doing good for the earth and doing kindness, so, please, think twice or more if you want to buy some birds to release, you think the hunters wouldn't catch more to restock to sell?

古庙四周 | around the temple

过后我们就在四周溜达,看看其他的建筑,这是在印度街附近拍到的一群鸽子 | we hang around the temples, walking down the streets seeking for more buildings to shoot, this is a corner by the indian street

潮州庙,这庙是提供给潮州人寄放祖先的灵牌以供供奉 | teh chew temple, teh chew region people will put their ancestor plate in the temple for praying

这个你最好明白英文 | Darren's face at the left and Dick's face at the right.


西门小弟 said...

但是怎么又看到 Dick 的招牌表情呢 @@

Dick Chua said...

wa... my big lens with big hood very yeng!!! huahhahaha

Tham Hoi Mun said...

What's with Dick's eye? err.... looking "Q" isit? :P kekekeke..

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

dick face, classical face he always did when taking photo, hahahaha, copy the Rock one