Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year~!

Thousand thanks to Han Lei helping me bought these stuff all the way from state. So Happy!!!!! Finally get all the stuff that i wanted to buy for the last six months, well, I am far patience enough to wait :D Got the amazing kung fu panda art book, in the book is basically about pre-production of the Dreamwork's animated motion picture, the kung fu panda. To me, the most interesting part is how the artists design the shapes of those characters. And I bought another two volumes of hellboy graphic novel, normally people would call it comic, but it is graphic novel, which is novel in graphic form, suggesting quality storyline. And I bought iron man and the dark knight original dvds, 2 discs edition with special features~! hahaha, what a happy chinese new year~!

p.s. Senior Simon, you wouldn't want to know how much I've spent for these. :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Passion Republic - Arx Avari

This is an in-house project by Passion Republic, Please kindly click the poster above to take a look at the exciting game cinematic done by the team~!

On the other hand, you can drop by to see a few pieces of low-poly modeling i did at passion republic | game production. Well, actually are two models in three pieces, the tank and the building. :D

Shoes and Life | 鞋道

Years ago there was this guy named Darren, he saw a nike, the same pattern and design as above but with green color of the big nike symbol, he loved it~! But by that time, he'd no extra money to spend on shoes, so he missed it. For quite some period, that shoes went missing from the shelves, can't find it anywhere. However, IT appeared again recently~! Darren was so excited and wanted to buy it, he saw it in a store in Sunway Pyramid, but they don't have his size, which is around 7 to 8. Then he came across this shoes again in Time Square last month, and he really wanted to buy it, but still, no size of his; the same day he went back to Sunway Pyramid and actually tried this black and white Nike, but he didn't buy it, actually hoping that he will somehow get the chance to see the green and white Nike again.

However, that hope is simply not fulfilled. Finally he made up his mind and bought this Black and White one, so that he won't missed this one either. Though it is not the one he likes the most, it is the best he can get now.

This story tells us that lightning never strike twice, even if it does, it won't strike the same way it did. So, do not hesitate when the chance fall upon you, grab it before it's too late. Choose the correct shoes to walk you further and walk a righteous path. :D



故事告诉我们,当机会来到时,别犹豫不决,要把握着。选有打勾勾的鞋,走对的路,做对的事。 :D