Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year~!

Thousand thanks to Han Lei helping me bought these stuff all the way from state. So Happy!!!!! Finally get all the stuff that i wanted to buy for the last six months, well, I am far patience enough to wait :D Got the amazing kung fu panda art book, in the book is basically about pre-production of the Dreamwork's animated motion picture, the kung fu panda. To me, the most interesting part is how the artists design the shapes of those characters. And I bought another two volumes of hellboy graphic novel, normally people would call it comic, but it is graphic novel, which is novel in graphic form, suggesting quality storyline. And I bought iron man and the dark knight original dvds, 2 discs edition with special features~! hahaha, what a happy chinese new year~!

p.s. Senior Simon, you wouldn't want to know how much I've spent for these. :D


Ben Lam said...

I bought the dark knight dvd too! haha haven't open yet~ & wanted to buy ironman too, but there's no discount for it now...
If u come here, u'll spend crazy in books & dvds... there's what happened to me now..!

西门小弟 said...

wah.... out liao lo~ hehehe,all the stuff except the 2 comic(never have the habbit to read english comic)have it long long time ago!! we must 跟上潮流!!
althought you say is graphic novel but i still insist that is a comic xP

happy CNY!!

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

yes ben, i agree with that. Very cheap there, somemore without discount already cheaper than malaysia.

simon, 跟上潮流 need to measure with money one, haha.