Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 | 大年初三?

Well, for me, I was not so excited for Chinese New Year except of meeting friends who came back from overseas. This year, even worse, I need got to do some freelance during new year, that was a hard play and hard work week. After the Chinese New Year, damn... I am so fat, sigh.....

Here are just some photos taken at olen's house, I forgot to brought along my memory card that day, so I didn't get to take many photos.



Don't shoot my gum | 别拍我的牙肉~~~

no comment | 无题

Fight Pirated~! | olen: 我们要杜绝盗版~! ah jio: 不要拍

Don't shoot~! | ah jio: 叫你不要拍了~~~~我是无辜的

huahhhhh | ah jio: 受不了了。。。万猴潮州~!!!!!

no comment again

5151 | 小两口子看起来好像昨晚没睡觉

say cheese | 说起司

who wants two more mandarin orange? | 来呀,多两立~!