Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alchemy Sketches

好久好久沒有post甚麼東西了, 前幾個星期, 在達仁館參與square one的"教育展"裡, 通過alchemy軟件(這是一個java base軟件, google一下就有得下載了, 免費使用的), sketch了好一些有的沒的, 這裡放上來.

感謝以前在passion republic工作時hoi mun介紹的這個軟件, sketch起來很方便, 而且很快.

Been lagging in posting stuff here for a while. Here I posted some sketches by using this java-based software, the alchemy, during the "education fair" held last weeks ago at Square One mall. Alchemy is a freeware, simply google it and download it for use~!

Thanks to Hoimun for introducing me this software back in the working days at Passion Republic. This software really helps a lot in speed and efficiency.

So I dedicate these sketches to you, Mr Hoi Mun.