Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elyn's Music Journey


Last Saturday, Me, Kc, Sandra and my uncle went for a portrait shooting at Taman Botani, Seri Medan, Model of the day was my cousin who just dyed her hair red. Right before she dye her hair back to normal color, we planned for this shooting session. Shooting start around 530 and end at 730, Seri Medan is really a nice place, quite and peaceful, the lake is clean and clear, except that we still can spot some plastic bags and cups floating on the surface.

For the theme of this shooting, I set it as a music journey, had a violin borrowed from my brother for Elyn to do some posing, acting like she was looking for music inspiration by the lake. It was really a lucky day for the sun was bright and the sky was clear with lesser cloud. Quite happy for the evening shots, which is the last few pieces. Can't wait for the next shooting~!







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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Donald and Evelyn's Wedding

最近真的是忙到嘔血了, 這是上上禮拜拍攝的婚禮, 很棒很成功的一場婚禮, 因為新郎新娘籌備得很好. 婚禮早上進行, 就如同傳統式的華人婚禮, 晚上的婚宴真的是很好, 氣氛由司儀及駐唱歌手們帶動浪漫, 燈光,布置都考慮周詳. 雖然是負責攝影, 但是感覺上自己就融入在他們的結婚喜悅當中, 哈哈.

這是他們的短片, 訴說一些成長故事, 懷舊的照片加上幽默的配語, 不錯吧?

Let's see some photos~!


Donald and Evelyn Wedding

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

金凤山宫神诞 | a Taoist Temple Celebration

I am not a religious person, but I love capturing these religious ceremony events through my shutter. They are part of our life and culture, I would always see them as an cultural art form.

It's kinda strange, when I was kid, grandma always asked me to hold the joss stick and kneel in front of Guan Yin Ma, and start murmuring about growing up healthy, get good results in school, even get a good wife in future, ha, joking. So I practice these "move" when I was a kid, after start getting to be more "knowledgeable", I these practices are like what the book Secret is talking about. Anyway, though I don't believe in religion, but now I would still take up joss stick and make some movement, just for my grandma and mum to see, you might say how bad I am, or how sweet I am to do something against myself to please my family.

Ok, back to the temple celebration of its God's birthday, traditional lion dance and dragon dance were hired to perform and bring the crowd high. And the most anticipated performance would be the Glow In The Dark dragon dance, it's quite cool, but my new camera wasn't that good enough to capture it under the dim light circumstance. Anyway, I can't recall when was the last time I enjoyed seeing this kind of performance, seeing kids around there watching til jaw on the floor, it's kinda fun, really.

the dragon dance, it's nice seeing youngster practicing the cultural art

It takes some great skill to lead the dragon head

Dragon on the move~!

It's glowing

This cute lion is with green flat face, and he is quite mad

This uncle is stapling the lucky number on the notice board


Oil symbolizes wealth and peace, prayers donates oil in temple for ignition of oil lamp and so on

Another cute lion, attacking its commander

Here come the Big Show~!

Glow in the Dark, so cool right?

Ending Pose

Lion Dance and Dragon Dance