Thursday, October 1, 2009

Darren's Workshop Advertisement is on CM v.13

Darren's Workshop's latest advertisement is launched in the latest CM magazine, a local advertisement portal.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I composed some graphic from old vector art work to be come a new piece, well, because the deadline was close. Not really satisfied with it, however, I'm working on the ad for the next issue~! stay tuned, it will be some composed work too.

Darren's workshop advertisement on CM page 07

How you guys think about the new blog look? please do give me some comments for improvement, thanks~!


bearlim said...

i like your new blog feel :)

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

thank you :D

green apple said...

erm,not bad=)plain but nice..

Tham Hoi Mun said...

Looks good bro..the lines are quite distracting though :D

~harry~ said...

Ya~I like ur blog~

The advertisement~
I see that lilies~
I like them^^

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

i actually wanted to set the lines according to wording, but obviously i failed, ha.

harry, I like lily, I mean I like to present it to special one.