Saturday, May 16, 2009

the PASAR of Batu Pahat

一大早, 約了熊林和三達啦到batu pahat的市場去拍些照片, 一大早, 當然要醫好肚子才有力氣拍照啦, 所以我們去了富貴香, 我吃了很油膩的糯米雞和沒有油,淡淡辣辣的排骨, 然後就上巴殺去了.

Me, Bear Lim and Sandra met up early in the sunday morning to go for a shooting at the marketplace of Batu Pahat. We kicks-tarted the day going for tim-sum as breakfast, and the our local tim sum is not nice~, i miss the taman megah tim sum~!

這時已是八點多, 拍照的黃金時間就是八點到十點, 但是八點多對巴殺來說, 已經是不早的時間了, 部分的老闆已經開始在收拾臨時檔口了, 而人群也沒這麼多了. 這樣也好, 拍照方便多了. 前幾年我自己到這裡來拍過照, 那是是用底片相機, 這次出動dslr了, 可以盡情的拍多多. 熊林說自己是第一次上巴殺, 哈哈~ 這也是我的第二次而已. 証明我們小時候寫的作文題目"上巴殺記", 應該都是幻想出來的, 還有從作文參考書抄出來的.

After breakfast is already 8 something in the morning, it's considered late hour for pasar, however, the crowd is lesser means we can shoot easier, not exactly a bad thing. Few years a go i did came here for a shoot, while i was still using the canon eos 300 film slr, these time i'll be free to shoot as much since i got my dslr in action. In addition, Bear Lim said it's her first time going to pasar, it's proven that our essay topic "going to pasar" were all imagined and copied from "top 100 essays", hahaha. This is just my second time anyway.

認真就是專業(這個是抄襲 9x9 studio 名片上的 slogan 的) | Being Serious = Being Professional

而這一次, 我們從巴殺的一頭繞個圈, 走著拍著, 我第一次踏入那個買魚的室內, 第一個感覺就是, OMG, 好臭~~ 記得小時候, 我是超級討厭巴殺的味道的, 每每父親開車經過巴殺, 我都會密密的遮著我的鼻子, 不讓臭氣入侵. 現在, 當然還是不喜歡巴殺的味道, 但是長大了還比較有能力控制, 雖然還是有一度會有想嘔吐的感覺, 但這就是要拍照就得克服的. 走進這濕巴殺, 都是魚腥味, 地上濕濕的, 還有魚鱗. 看著魚販們砍殺著那些魚, 就不儘要閃躲, 避免飛沫的攻擊, 這時, 姑丈借我的telelens就派上用場了, 站遠遠拍攝, 哈哈~

The smell in pasar is definitely "undongable", in hokkien is dont beh diao. Back in my childhood time, whenever my dad drives pass the pasar, i would cover my nose tightly. Now, having wanted to shoot some photos, I'm gonna control myself, though i really felt like throwing out sometimes. This is the first time i went into the fish market section, the floor was wet and you can always step on some fish scale. Seeing the fish hawkers take care of the fishes, you wouldn't want to stand close. Now i get the telelens borrowed from my uncle in action, i can shoot from a distance, :D

嘆息生意不好的魚販 | Not a good day for this Fish Hawker

寶刀未老的魚販 | Old but not Rusty

一個魚販老闆讓我給他的超級黑印度員工照張相 | A boss told me to photo his Indian staff

小心翼翼在挑選新鮮的魚 | A guy picking on fresh fishes

買好菜回家去囉~ | Going home with ingredient bought

After the fish market section, the smell faded, coming with fresh vege and fruits stalls, i will continue to post more photo in the next thread. have a nice day ~!
走過魚販攤, 總算是鬆了一口氣, 沒有魚腥味, 接著的時水果與蔬菜的檔口, 下一篇再繼續了.

待續 be continue......

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