Thursday, May 28, 2009

the Pasar of Batu Pahat ends

終於到了最後一篇"記巴株巴殺"了. 謝謝熊和珊達啦抽出時間一起去拍照, 下次有機會的話, 希望有更多同樣喜歡攝影的朋友一起出去拍.

Finally, this is the final post for this photoshoot outing. First, thanks to bear and sandra made their time for the shooting together, cheers, looking forward for future shooting and maybe we can get more and more photography lovers to join together.

站在馬路中央的珊達啦 | sandra standing in the middle of the road

陳舊的英殖民老建築 an old fancy building built during british colonization

走出漁菜市場後, 我們繞市場外圍走, 就是沿著一小段的芭株河畔拍. 拍了一些停泊的船隻, 還有小店.

After got out from the market, we went around the border of the market, shot some stalls and small shop along the river.

覺得這河似乎有點乾淨 | I think the river is a bit clean for batu river, haha

在香蕉檔口前睡懶覺的貓s | two Cats still enjoy sleeping

然後我們走到了一個買香蕉的小店, 掛滿了一堆堆, 一串串, 琳瑯滿目的香蕉, 各種類別都有. 上次我來拍的時候, 也有拍過這間香蕉店, 還拍了店主和她的女兒.

Walking down the street, we came by a store selling all kinds of banana, I shot this store of banana back in my old post also, check it out. Had taken a shot of the shopkeeper and her daughter.

這個馬來婆很興奮要我們給她照相, 她們就是這樣high, 但是我並不會把照片洗給他們啊~ | an old Malay lady excitingly wanted us to shoot her, anyway, we never plan on develop the photo and mail her, what's so high about this?

走著下去, 熊被羅里上一袋袋的東西給吸引了, 走近一看, 哇~ 源來是之前被誣賴造成流感的豬. 熊好像很興奮的拍著那些豬, 也不管自己站在豬屁股後面, 我提醒她當心黃金就噴到她臉上, 哈哈.最後最後, 就在毛毛細雨的催促下, 我們結束了這天的攝影.

Bear was curious about those stuff in the cage, she went near and found that they were actually those who were blamed for the recent swine flu, PIG~! Anyway, it's proven they were innocent for the blame. Bear was so curious to go near the truck to shoot the pig, i warned her not to stay too close, as she was just standing behind the ass of the pig, haha. Rain started falling on our head urging us to finish our shooting. the end.

看它好傷心的樣子, 好像就知道自己將會被宰了似的 | it looks sad knowing itself will be slaughtered soon

一個肥婆 | a motorcyclist

還有我喜歡拍的電纜 | My favorite shooting objects - wire cable and lampost

兩隻小鳥 | two pigeons

Please check out my friends, bear and sandra's blog.
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green apple said...


Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

哈哈,你看完我所有照片咩? 這裡才2張電纜, 搞不好我是喜歡拍馬來肥婆的, 哈哈.

Anonymous said...

You are very good in photo shooting.However in my opinion that malay auntie is just out of should appreciate her kindness of letting u taken her photo.

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

yes, I am just joking, take it easy man~ Malay are much more friendly and open minded than Chinese, quite welcoming for letting us to shoot. I just want to create some humor in my word, maybe it's rude for you to take, sorry.