Friday, July 18, 2008

运动会-拉拉队篇 | Sportsday - Cheerleading

现在的华中运动会呀,可不像我们以前的年代了,据说我毕业后一两年,运动会的形势就已经改变了,变得更有生气,更加有劲了。以前啊,每逢运动会,我们基本上都会偷偷开溜,能闪则闪,拉拉队练习,大队集合什么的,都没有人会给与100%的热情参与,每次集合,大家都会躲在树下乘凉,哈哈; 但是现在的可不一样了,像我弟弟啊,运动会前的5至6天都连续到队友家排练拉拉队表演,大家都很积极在筹备。运动会当天,看到拉拉队的表演,也觉得同学们很厉害,每一队都表演得超棒的,男女生跳舞,叠罗汉,空中飞人等等,哇,果然有练过。这篇专属各队拉拉队们的照片,拍照的当天,有好多好多的摄影爱好者和专业摄影人都来到了运动场,为同学们拍下汗水换来的那一刻,因为整个过程太快了,所以也没来得及换镜头拍比较整体的照片,所以我拍的多数是比较特写的。另外,也附上开幕礼的一点点照片。

Since I graduated from CHS, the way of the sport day had changed so much, it's better than ever, the atmosphere is even more exciting. In my time, when the sport days are coming, we would need to participate in practicing cheer leading(normal cheer leading, which just make some pon pon and "scream" some slogan)and sports event, however, we would always try our best to get rid of all this, hide under shade, in short, nobody was supportive and passionate or give a sh** about sport day. NOW, it's totally different, everyone is very keen on practicing cheer leading, organizing the sport event and so on. My brother had been joining the cheer leading practice 5 to 6 days continuously before sport day, and so as everyone, very participative. On the sport day, I've witnessed the passion and sweat they throw in, all of the houses gave stunning performance, which brought the atmosphere to the highest peak. Good Job~! Here I share some photos, which are mostly close up shot(since I wouldn't have time keep changing the lens while shooting). Enjoy~!

奥运有圣火,华运也少不了点燃圣火的仪式 | the holy fire

就如以往,管乐团操步领各队进入场地 | Orchestra marching team

小男童军们 | little boy scout

阳光少女 | yes sir

红队拉拉队 | red house

黄队拉拉队 | yellow house

蓝队拉拉队(我以前也是蓝队的啊) | Blue house(I was in the house)

年轻老师也都参与拉拉队的表演 | teacher also joined the performance

青队拉拉队 | green house

褐队拉拉队 | sepia house

这队夸张到还有自己的吉祥物(....) | they even got their own stupid mascot

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