Wednesday, June 3, 2009

About Design and Art

Design and Art are two different thing that connected and bonded tightly, they are not equal but they cross over each other.

Learning Design is like learning math, we talk about logic thinking, functionality, objective, solution and so on; the Learning progress emphasize on observation, brainstorming, thinking and then realizing the idea/concept.

Learning Art is like learning literature, It's more important that you express it from your heart or feeling. When you are angry, you would have painted a tsunami, when you are in peaceful mind, you would have painted a silent lake scenery.

Normally, people would put design as graphic, furniture design, interior design, fashion design, make something creative or pretty looking.
Correct, but those are just part of Design.
The Objective of design is to overcome a problem, providing solution, and make a better life. Design is planning with objective.

For example, handicap people can't walk properly, wheelchair is invented and designed to served them better, at first we have wooden wheelchair, then metal wheelchair, lighter metal wheelchair, better fabric, and now we have automobile wheelchair. Design is changing the way of helping handicap people in their experience of using wheelchair.

So as Interior Design, it is to give people a better living space rather than make your visitors say "OMG~ What a nice house you have". Interior Designer would need to communicate with every family members, knowing their needs, their hobbies, their way of living, their preferred colors and so on, so that a better functional space can be designed to meet their needs and improve the quality of living.

As we can see, Design is not totally doing something from nothing, (well, sometimes it is, for example: "creating needs and demands"), design need to meet a purpose, fulfill a need. That's why logical mind is needed in design, yet aesthetic sense is rather important also.

Everything in our life is related to design, we design our plan for future, what time to wake up, deciding what's for dinner, planning the route and schedule, choosing what kind of apparel and more. Design could be as simple as choosing from options, like we choose furniture according to our space/color/need; we choose formal apparel to show how confident we are; we choose policy or saving plans that suit us.

So what has learning design changes? It changes attitude and improve life. It makes us for wanting/requesting for something better. We can see it as Demand vs Supply, demand symbolizes "wanting" and "requesting", supply symbolizes "amendment" and "improvement" or "innovation". This is rather important, it pushes our society to a better living standard(not totally about money or expenses). In Malaysia, we can easily see or hear "Cin Cai la(whatever la), as long as it can be used", this kind of demand would only causes the supply of "Cin Cai do la, use cheap material ok d la, as long as they can use". Do you want this to be happening forever?

(As i mentioned Design and Art are crossing each other, it is in the sense of aesthetic, color harmony, composition and layout, and so on)

This article is totally my aspect about design, whether to be adopted the idea, please digest it yourself, thanks and have a nice day~! :D

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