Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Short Trip to Singapore | 小游新加坡

上次到新加坡送晓贞时,也顺道在那里走走逛逛。 感谢耀祥抽空陪我到处逛,也谢谢william让了半张床给我借宿两夜,哈哈。 对不适生活在新加坡的我而言,新加坡是个不错的地方,干净,漂亮,有好多欧式的建筑物,很便宜的正版DVD,在小贩中心的食物干净,便宜而且不难吃,有点想念william带我去吃的那个肉碎面,哈哈。

星期天,就是中秋节那一天,我跟着william和李广,搭巴士到larkin车站,排队上过去新加坡的巴士,到了malaysia custom,又再排队,挤沙丁鱼等巴士,到了singapore custom,等着检查护照,过后还是等巴士,然后到MRT站搭快铁到Ang Mo Kio, william就带我去吃肉碎面, 蛮好吃一下。 然后就步行到william姐姐家,借宿一晚。

星期一,老奸耀祥就陪我出来吃午餐,逛逛街。 在city hall一带逛了逛, 这还是我第一次去到那个榴莲,还有鱼尾狮。 逛逛溜溜,还有拍了一些照片。到了六点多, 就搭地铁和一行人去chang yi airport了, 在那里的小贩中心吃了还ok的板面。 过后就meet了晓贞, 拍拍照, 聊聊天, 送别,十点多就看这她步入departure hall了 (照片就在上一篇)。 过后又到william家过夜。

隔天meet了表姐, 还是一样瘦, 去了ikea逛逛, 然后回到Ang Mo Kio, 还舍不得的再吃了一次肉碎面才离开新加坡。 到了batu大概七点。 第一次背着那个阿dick哥帮我买的lowepro bag, 装着相机和手提电脑, 逛街拍照, 感觉好像自助旅行的外国人,哈哈。

Before farewell for Siow Chin, I traveled around singapore and took some pictures, well, actually just around City Hall area. This is the first time I went to the Durian-alike concert hall and the fish-tailed-lion. Thanks to William for providing me a two-night accommodation and also yao shyang for bringing me around.

As a foreigner to Singapore, I actually think it is quite a nice place, clean and pretty, got a lot of nice building around, the foods in hawker center are clean, cheap and not really expensive, in Addition, the original DVD there are selling cheap~! Bought a two disc Spiderman I for $12.90 only, which is about RM30, Speedy video is still selling it for RM59.90 right? haha

肉碎面摊位 | This is where the delicious Bak Cho Mee is being sell

吃个精光 | Finished


街上 | Along the Street

正在布置着的F1场地 | Setting up for F1 racing track

圣洁的教堂 | The Holy Sacred Church

榴莲 | Durian

鱼尾狮 | Fish-tailed-lion

人来人往的地铁站 | Hustle and bustle

老奸耀祥 | Yao Shyang

其他 | Misc


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didn't call me..my school near city hall.can bring you to some artistic place.

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ooh, appreciate that, maybe next time.

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