Sunday, September 7, 2008

父亲 | Dad


7th september, a year passed since my dad passed away, but the memory is still clear. I couldn't control my tears to fall, even now, still I feel unbearable for his leaving, we love you always.

父亲年轻时很帅,我就是很好的证明 | When he was young, he is as handsome as i am now

在家里,总爱光着上半身的父亲 | He always had his upper body naked at home

父亲爱唱歌,我也是 | He loves to sing as I do

和母亲拍拖时 | When he was dating mum

结婚 | and They got married

照片里还有年轻的爷爷和婆婆 | Still can see my younger and healthy grandparents in the photos

和小姑 | He and my youngest aunt

和父亲唯一的合照,在金马伦 | My only photo with him taken at cameron highland


和弟弟还有日本回来的表弟戏水的照片 | Having fun with cousin and brothers back from japan

和家人的合照 | Our big family


菲stephy said...


hao.zilla is me said...

Ur father really is a MAN!
p/s: he's looks like bruce lee at de 2nd pic! cool!

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

stephy, try save your tears la, don't always cry, will get dehydrated.

yes, he's the man indeed.