Saturday, August 23, 2008

小小表妹的生日 | my little cousin's birthday

幾個星期前是我的小姑的女兒,我的小小表妹的生日,簡單的在家里慶祝了. 剛好六姑也帶著表弟和表妹回來,所以家里熱鬧了兩個星期,因為好多小孩子,哈哈,當然客廳也變的比較亂,滿地的玩具,還有那個寸步不離六姑的表弟的哭聲,哈哈哈.

These photos are taken a few weeks ago, my cousin's birthday, just a simple celebration. The joining of aunt and cousin from japan make the house even more happening, for two weeks, full of laughter and crying sound of my cousin, who cannot leave his mum an inch, haha.

生日快樂 | happy birthday~

看右邊表妹的可愛表情, 哈哈 | look at my cousin's funny face at the right

發燒的小表妹切蛋糕啦~ | birthday cousin was in fever

從日本回來的六姑和表弟妹 | aunt and cousin from japan

生日會上, 小朋友們的表情 | kid's emotion during the party

小孩都愛吃沙嗲 | kids love satay

大孩子們 | big kids

有甚麼儘管跟大哥說, 大哥照你 | kid boss

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西门小弟 said...

哇,怀念我以前的童年~~ >.<