Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tryout Ricoh R8

Well, sister said she wants to get a digital camera, so I research around and found that this Ricoh R8 is quite value for how much it costs. The design of the camera is simple but nice, controlling is easy to get your hands on, last but not least, it can achieve a nice depth of field even it is just a compact digital camera. As a dslr user, I am quite happy for the build of this camera. Since my sister went back to kl for studies, I would test out this camera for her, haha.

妹妹說要一台數碼相機, 於是我看了看, 雖然很喜歡canon g11 和 panasonic lumix lx3, 但是價格似乎太貴了一點, 所以看了Ricoh. 在batu pahat, Ricoh哪裡找? 就在巴士站對面的嘉業, 看在老闆的關照, 這裡給你打了廣告厚~! 機身的設計簡單, 沒有華而不實的設計, 控制容易上手, 而且為一台數碼相機它可以達到不錯的景深. 以自己是個dslr的使用者而言, 這台相機真的還算不賴, 雖然image quality沒有很好, 但整體來說是不錯了. 妹妹會去吉隆坡念書了, 所以就讓我來幫她試試看這台相機的功能吧~

I took my optimus prime for a test shot on object

Well, this TF2 optimus prime is the first transformer toy I own, I used to think that transfomer toy is badly build, the paintjob is not nice, the plastic is kinda cheap with the visible cutting line and so on. But after I bought this one, I found that, OMG, this is a brilliant design, ha, I can't simply transform it with my own "wisdom", So...I am going to get the Jet Fire next time, then I can combine them.

這驚天柱是我的第一只變形金剛, 以前小看了這個玩具, 因為覺得它的品質不太好, 色澤不美, 複合的地方不精細等等, 還賣這麼貴. 但是動了動厚, 發現原來它貴在整個變形的概念, 真的是設計得很不錯, 強~! 以我的聰明才智, 不看說明書, 根本沒辦法將它變形, 下次要買哪只飛機火伯伯了.


西門小弟 said...

woah... you kena poison by yong hao! and why you din let the light go throught the eye instate of u edit your self? >.<

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

I dont like the light in the eyes, ha