Thursday, July 9, 2009

another FIRST time | 又是第一次

昨天上午正好給了爆米花一個短訊息報名7月19日在蓮花湖的外拍活動, 他就問說傍晚是否要跟他們一起來熱個身, 找了兩個魔豆出來做個小小型的外拍, 地點也是在蓮花湖. 雖然晚上有課, 但是這麼好的機會怎麼能放掉呢, 所以就答應了.

之前總覺得拍人應該也沒有很難, 哈哈, 經過了這第一次的人物外拍, 發現自己功力根本不到家, 太慘了. 以往會更多參與類似的外拍活動, 加強這一方面的拍攝. 另外, 看到那些"長輩"(他們沒很老)們的設備, 流口水, 心癢癢, 但是沒錢買鏡頭阿~~~ T_T 所以全程只用kit lens和 canon f1.8 50mm來拍

這位漂亮的魔豆名linda, 就只懂這麼多. 看照片吧

This is my very first time to join an outdoor model shooting session. Well this is actually a small warm up for the upcoming shooting event on 19 july, which is next sunday. The shooting took place at Tasik Y yesterday evening, it is a famous park in batu pahat, people would come to jog or bring their children to the playground in the park, which make the shooting abit harder.

I used to think that shooting model is not as hard, but now i realized the lack of skill in taking portrait photograph. Hope by joining this kind of shooting more, i can get my skill improved. And...I Sooooo wish that i can buy a new lens now, but no $$$, sad~

The model is named Linda, that's all i know.


Lulu said...


Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

你人緣廣, 哈哈, 我是不認識她, 你想到了可以分享一下.

Dick Chua said...

Linda Linda... Linda Linda~~~

Darren, why you flash her?

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

it was evening, and under shade, so i need to flash her lo, don't waste my money buying the flash also ma.

share some technique on portrait shooting ler, master dick~~

Tecsun Yeep said...


Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

haha, ok, i will improve