Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ying's Wedding | 颖慧的婚宴

Well well well, it's been a long time since my last post. Let's see, today is 22 of April, Earthday, obviously not the day the earth was born or anything. However, this post is a post that should be posted like a month ago? I just been so busy with my workshop and eventually stop blogging for months. So now gonna post this up, photos taken during ying's wedding.

Ying hui and I can be considered as family friends, our parents knew each other since I don't even know, But I knew her while I got into the first year of secondary school. Before that, I knew her existence, she was my classmate in the Cikgu Neo's tuition class, actually many of my classmates who I don't know but came to know later were in the same class, like ah soon, ling zhi, ah gun, chang yu etc.

The wedding was on my birthday, 15 of march, just so happened it is sunday, that's why they picked the day i guess. Ying prepared two tables of seats for our class, however, around 12 out of 20 were turned out. And so many dishes we can't finish eating, the food were nice, but can't get to finish them, I was sitting with Lance, Gun, Lingling, Hanlei and Loliang, So there is no "fighting for food" situation there. The whole wedding is quite traditionally modern, started with videos and slides of photos, continued with the couple entering the hall, then the Yum Seng session. (Omg, she is the first friend of my age that got married, and I am still single, haha.....)The atmosphere of the hall is soooooo Red.

I offered to take pictures for ying, but not really took a lot, because they already had two pros taking pictures for them, so it's better that i enjoy the foods, the atmosphere, then on and off take some photos. We can see that ying really put in a lot of effort to be in best shape that day, she looks pretty and red, a little bit plum though, but no offend, haha, you really looks pretty, and so as your husband.

Wish you couple "white hair til old", "Forever tighten in one heart" and "early give birth to an expensive child", hahahaha

Couple Entering the hall

Ready to Yum Seng

Pro singers were hired to perform during the wedding, (to avoid karaoke session i guess, :D)

our classmates


it's our turn

After wedding photo session~!

the most-anticipated-coming-soon-wedding

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