Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Need Your Help~! 救我~!

熬了很久, 終於出來了, 達仁館的大logo, 哈哈, 但是人總是下賤的, 愛給自己添麻煩, 但如果不給自己多一些選擇, 又怎麼能得到最好的? 所以我generate了好多version, 好多顏色, 想要選出在黑底或白底都行得通的一個logo. 希望大家給點意見, 下次來到我店裡你們還可以"號戀"一下說哪logo你們有份設計的呢~ 哈哈

Logo的主要元素是: 帶幽默的現代感, 創意又上進, 還有開心~!!

Finally, I've come out the big logo for Darren's workshop, however, i have generated different version in the sense of color, hoping to finalize one which could work in either black or white background. You are welcomed to give me some ideas and comments, next time when you get to drop by my shop, you can say that you took part in the logo design, haha.

The main element in the logo will be suggesting trendy, humorous, creative, innovative and HAPPY~!


Dick Chua said...

no.4 会比较开心!可是有一点小女孩玩具店的感觉。


Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

ooo, 如果我是金魚佬, 就用no 4.哈哈


yee ping said...

i prefer 12,比较有层次感~~

西门小弟 said...

i like 6A & 10A(the thickness), maybe u can try combine both of it n see the result xD

Pook said...

as a color blind, i'll choose 7A & 7B! LOL!!

ben said...

I like 6A & 7A!
personally I think black color base will looks very cool for a shop..!
rarely ppl 'dare' to use black color base.. since u r 'Darren'..~ cold..
& regarding ur design, i felt retro futuristic instead of modern style! haha
btw ur shop is a restaurant/cafe right?
let me know when u start ur new business ah!!

Asn said...

in my opinion , i think 2a and 2b has
a more balance "feel" between (happy,
trendy ,innovative) versus Simplicity and appealing of an logo design. And i think the wording of darrens workshop can stand out more
from the graphics :) good luck with stuff ya!!!

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

thousand thanks for all of your opinions~!!!

brother pook, i didnt know u were color blind...omg

ben, it is a art class, yet to be a cafe, haha.

asn boss, that's the initial design and color, i been thinking of actually using that one rather than the developed version. haha.

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

simon, flat flat more simple i think, 6a color nice to made into a tshirt, hehe, i give u one if i got print tshirt, haha.

Pook said...

yes, i'm. bt dun shout too loud, if nt i can't drive on road anymore. haha.

wanna do t-shirt? find me! i'll give u a lowest price.. hehe..

西门小弟 said...

we are 3D industry ppl, so should have more 3D look logo ma haha~

but i think you already decide which one you want the most already in your mind, but u still asking for opinion.... haha~ xD

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

pook, never mind, xiao3 xiang2 also color blind, haha. Print t-shirt i sure find you one, 肥水不流外人田, haha.

i like the one got thickness one also la, just that it's bit complicated, afraid if print smaller cannot see the line, especially when under black bg. I need opinion to refine the logo ma, it's hard to see the problem myself, so i need everyone's opinion.

Tham Hoi Mun said...

I think they all look very china leh -___- hahahah i like 8a.. 11b oso not bad..looks super cold leh.

苏奶奶 said...